Tom Sebacher
4 min readNov 7, 2018

Voting: Why the Midterms Hurt the Left

On November 5 and 6, there were resounding calls to action to vote, go vote, mitigate the harm done. Little did people know that this would lead to the destruction of organizing. The midterms, with a resounding slight victory for the Democrats, has been the channeling of dissent — there is far more energy now being spent upon getting people to vote, and yet the Democrats will do absolutely nothing to address the underlying socio-economic and political conditions that led to the rise of the far right. We are not even mitigating the harm done to the environment, another article points out. His article is quite a bit more extensive upon the explanation of “harm reduction,” and the link to his article is here. Insofar as Dobbs (the author) proves, there is no significant difference in working class wealth, income, etc. between the two parties. Abortion access has not historically been significantly different between the two parties either.

Any difference in the two parties actually reflects increased periods of wealth inequality under democratic presidents and combined democratic control of all three houses. There was no decrease in imperialist violence between democratic or republican presidents. There is, altogether, no difference, conclusively drawn by Dobbs, between the two parties. W.E.B. Du Bois also shared his opinion on why he wouldn’t vote, stating that “There is but one evil party with two names, and it will be elected despite all I can do or say.” Ultimately, the two parties are one, and voting is how they co-opt popular liberal dissent, dissipating it harmlessly with the promises of a better life. But these promises are empty — no neither party will end white supremacy, indeed neither party is particularly concerned with ending white supremacy. Neither party cares about trans people. Neither party cares about the decreasing rates of tolerance for the LGBT community in general. Neither party will ultimately solve anything, neither party is concerned in mitigating the harm done to these groups. Both parties are politically opportunistic. Just because we socially associate one party with being better than the other doesn’t mean that they are. The people in the parties are forced to subjugate their own views and wills to the party — as such we cannot trust people in the parties to attempt to achieve what we have described.

Neither party cares about the poor, and neither party’s policies help the poor more than any other. It’s time to stop believing the lies told by liberal media. Wealth inequality and average household income have both stagnated, as have the poverty rates in general. The household income, median, has decreased despite long periods of combined democratic governance. There is, as we see, little to gain in the election of democrats. Now I will debate whether there is loss in the election of democrats. While people have been focused, for the past few days, on voting, there have been a rash of white liberals organizing towards the goal of eradicating these things through election. We are perpetuating a dangerous trend. The white liberals, thinking their jobs are done, will no longer pay attention to politics. They will think that there is no longer any point in the conducting of canvassing, speaking to the people, etc. They will essentially become politically inert, and their momentum in a large part reflects our ability to radicalize them — when there is nothing that they consider bad or abnormal, they will not organize. We will see, after the election of these people, a significant decrease in political mobilization. We can’t just say that because they aren’t radicals we don’t care. They can be radicalized if we tried. But since the Democrats are associated with the objective moral “good,” we will be far less likely to radicalize people into revolutionary action. We will be significantly hampered by the wins of the Democratic Party this election. This will depoliticize white liberals and repoliticize the right. The right will become altogether, far more dangerous, and nothing will be solved. If anything, then, we will observe over the next few months an increasing political mobilization among the reactionary forces, and as such, we will be even more threatened, even more stigmatized, even more likely to be assaulted. Do not underestimate the rage of the white reactionary — they will kill liberals, leftists, centrists, and anybody who stands in their way. In other words, we will see ever-increasing political violence.

Electing the Democratic Party will further endanger people because of the perceptions liberals have of the Party, and in doing so, it will further endanger people, and achieve nothing. Most of what the President has done has been achieved by bi-partisan actions or Executive actions. Some Democrats who have often supported the president’s agenda have sold out one segment of the population to remain in power — betraying any type of ideology they theoretically had. There are Democrats who support abortion, strong borders, and other such traditionally Republican values. Make no mistake, if it benefits the entire Democratic Party to start disavowing women, the LGBTQ community, or Jewish people, they will do so. There is no hope here; stop thinking this will end the inevitable march of socio-economic conditions. The Democrats have repeatedly sold out the black community and the workers, one need only look back to the past sixty years of American history to learn this. Do not claim that this Democratic Party is any different. They’ll sell out anybody they want to for any slight political gains.

Tom Sebacher

Genderfluid BA in Philosophy, BS in History, MA in Historic Preservation. I write about philosophy, history, and politics.